InTRApreneurship: How Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Thrives in Corporate America

Here are some notes from Cheryl Porro (

Her company started Opportunity Open Market Program in which employees could move to a different team rather than to another company.

Three times a year, they had a major release; at that time, they held a job fair, providing an opportunity to move to another team at each release.

There was a group of engineers in disparate groups who were interested in pursuing an idea that was not a high priority for the company – less attention-getting. But they were interested in the technology and formed that team & worked on it for three months. At the time, there was an idea that was expected to be the attention-getter and everyone had planned to be the “big announcement” at the Company release; however, in the end, it did not meet the expectations.

But the team that had taken on the lower-priority idea did complete it in the 3 months and it became the focus of innovation at the major presentation.

By making room for a little bit of disruptions this Team had achieved the Dream-force announcement in 3 months.

All due to grassroots participation & energy!

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