Monthly Archives: December 2013

After 30 years programming, still enjoy learning as a new college grad

(This was posted on October 2, 2013 on my company’s internal website)

Looking through Grace Hopper Celebration attendee profiles, I realized that most people with 20+ years programming experience have moved up to technical management or senior management levels. I respect their great leadership abilities. Although I have programmed for 30 years since school and I have held my “senior software engineer” title for over 18 years, I still enjoy being a full time developer with the luxurious to read hacker news every day, to logon GitHub on regular basis, and to follow front-end-development, cloud computing, and big data streams on twitter. I also enjoy being able to attend user groups and meet-ups and write some blog posts occasionally.

Life has never been boring to me. I spend a few hours dancing every week plus a few hours yoga lessons. I like walking on the treadmill as well, since I can use the time to watch online videos or take online courses. I love these free resources, YouTube, edX, coursera, … are all great. It feels good being able to keep up with the latest technologies.

I am excited to be in Minneapolis to attend GHC this year. I look forward to talking to people and sharing stories. I am sure I will learn a lot from young people in the field!