GHC Day 2 Keynote: Empower and Collaborate!

In her keynote, Megan Smith, vice president Google[x] at Google, gave many inspirational ideas that make the world better. She said:

  • “They say life is who you travel with, so find astonishing people to hang out with.”
  • “If you define your passion and combine it with your work, you are unstoppable.”
  • “What’s your [x]?” – Google[x] is for the next x.
  • “Hang in there because the flip side can be extraordinary.”
  • “Feminism is about humanism it’s about equality so I’m a feminist.”
  • “Be 2/3 YES, and & 1/3 But.”
  • “Hope you venture on the heroic engineering.”
  • “We are a species of moon-shots.”
  • “Fix the tech historic record” so we actually know women contributed in a big way.

She also mentioned the Makers, an amazing documentary made by PBS.



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