The Technology Behind My Social World!

Human has always been a social being. Presentation and Communication are important aspect of living “Social”. In the Tech Behind Social World workshop Akhila Naveen (Yahoo!) and Jennifer Davis (Yahoo!) enlightened the audience on the ‘social’ aspect of webpages.

Replacing the user story with the job story

When building a new product from scratch with a “blank canvas”, it’s hard to get the whole team on the same page when it comes to customer motivations, events, and expectations. Using the jobs to be done philosophy to help define features can turn things around. This is called “Job Stories”. A job story can be defined as “situation + motivation + expected outcome” as shown below


Breaking down the job stories into components, we can discover the resourceful APIs


Then apply software design principals, we get the webpage as our 3D (Define, Discover, Design) output!


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