Node.js – AngularJS Learning Notes (A Tangent Edition)

While reading through AngularJS source code, I found that the nice code comments looked very familiar, I felt I had read them on the AngularJS documentation site. I was curious and opened up AngularJS API ng scope $watch document and compared to the code comments of $watch function under Scope.prototype. I could tell that {@link ng.$rootScope.Scope#$digest $digest()} was translated into hyper link  $digest() and the sections started with “-“ were translated into html unordered list items. What a brilliant idea! I was amazed. But it didn’t take me any time to find out that the actual credit of automated document generation should go to Node.js:

I have been working on the .NET platform since it was born. IIS was about the only web server that I had worked with until I learned Python and Node.js a year ago. Setting up IIS could be tricky. I like the simple http server in Python. I like to create simple http or https servers using Node.js even better. Node.js has made the front end development so much easier with the simple and flexible way to build an http server.

Node.js plays an important role in developing AngularJS applications. Node.js is used to generate AngularJS documentation, run a development web server, run tests, and to create build. Yo, Bower, and Grunt are built on Node.js.

The more I use Node.js, the more I love it. I watched quite a few Node.js videos on YouTube and here are some highly recommended ones:

Node.js tutorial by ebin paulosep

Note that lesson 03 and 08 were mislabeled originally.

Google tech talk:


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